Data Exchange - Our products support the following formats and concepts


More than 99% of all CAD products support the DXF as data format to exchange geometry information. Our products can selectively import geometry data from DXF files utilizing the contained layer information.
You can find the description of the format e.g.  here.

Building SVG

By using the extended SVG-Interface geometry information as well as material properties, surface properties and boundary condition can easily be imported; specific results like isotherms etc. can be exported too.
You can obtain the interface description from us and you can download a plug-in for the Internet Explorer e.g. from  Adobe.

Data exchange with Lesosai

Easy data exchange of thermal bridge details and layer structures with the thermal balance calculation software Lesosai.



The layer structure of wall, roof and floor constructions defined in Lesosai can be inserted directly from the Clipboard to flixo.



The Psi value calculated in flixo can be inserted via the Clipboard directly to the reports of Lesosai.



Geometry, material, boundary condition and result information can be exchanged directly using a specialized interface between Athena - the leading CAD product for metal construction and facade engineering - and our applications.

Windows Clipboard

Not only inside our products but between other applications as well information can be exchanged using the clipboard or simply by Drag&Drop. Beside the pure text and image representation a CSV format with full precision is supported.

Graphic Formats

Images which are saved in one of the widely-used graphic formats (like JPEG, TIFF, PNG), can be imported into our products; results can be exported as image file.